Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's Cooking?

There is something about food that really makes me really happy, and just the thought of red bell pepper being sauteed in olive oil gets me salivating. This isn't such a good shot, but it's the glossy red always forced me to take this shot. White light is particularly tough to click in, and this was one of the first shots that I clicked that made me realize this fact. Looking at the Meta Data, I'd used the prime, wide open (f/1.8) for the extra light, at ISO 1600 and an exposure of 1/13 sec, hand held at 50mm. It wasn't that I was allowed to take multiple shots for this one, but I did manage to get it right on the first one. Looking back I could have used a little defused flash, and that could have given me at least two-thirds stops more of light. But what's done is done. I didn't have time to shoot another one, and I got a decent one at the first go. Sleepless

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