Sunday, February 10, 2013


It brings back fond memories as I write this post. A stray dog had been adopted by our office building's guard, and it had given birth to some really cute pups. I had taken my camera to work that day, just to get a few shots of them. Somewhere around noon, I slipped out of office, and found my way to the parking lot. Never having interacted with animals before, I found these strays rather patient subjects. I clicked a few snaps, and made my way back. On reviewing the pics I realized that this was another lesson in photography. When clicking animals, it is important that you do not shoot wide open. Stopping down gives you a better depth of field, and hence more details. This fact, although more visible in furry animals, is also applicable to humans. In case there just isn't enough light, and you are forced to shoot wide open, remember to get the eyes in focus, because the slightest blur will in the eyes will ruin your shot. This one pup came really close to me, and I kneeled all the way to the floor to capture him. I called him Bozo, since he was dumb enough to come close to me.
Bozo Bozo Bozo Bozo

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